Recently, I’ve had the privilege of meeting the members of, and playing shows with, the band HEAF — (that is actually an acronym for the words, “Head East and Forgive”). From Eastern Ohio, the band is complete with members Dan Tysz (drums), LuReis Smith (synth), Max Dubel (guitar), Tyler Looman (Bass), and Alexa Liming (synth, vocals). This band could definitely be a new favorite for a lot of listeners. Why? Maybe it is because they are constantly hitting their own expectations of themselves as musicians.

The first time I heard their music was at a live show. It was at that kind of small, hidden, local venue where everyone almost gives up trying to find. I remember feeling so happy about what I was hearing.This mellow, unique sound that will practically beg you to forget about your self-awareness just to be a part of it. If you would like for me to be more descriptive: the music was like a musing of electronic synth tones bringing fullness to swinging guitar riffs, a funky, steady bass, and consistent, yet poppy, drum beats that flooded the room.

During an semi-awkward conversation via facebook comments, the lead singer, Alexa Liming, mentioned to me that the band was very inspired by other bands to the likeness of Local Natives. I can definitely see the influence they take from them, but HEAF knows how to make music of their own. It was great to meet them the few times that we did, but hopefully we will be lucky enough to play with them again in the future. I look forward to seeing where they go.

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